The Challenge

Frederick Wildman & Sons, a wine and spirits importer and distributor, found itself in need of implementation support on the heels of a new system go-live. Founded in 1934, the company possesses a rich history and with it, many records and complex data to manage alongside 3,000 skus. With a lean IT team and a need for oversight, the company contacted NGA to help guide their transition from a legacy system to a new system, providing an opportunity to improve and customize their set-up.


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“Working with NGA transformed the way we do business at Frederick Wildman & Sons” 

Josh Kaye, VP of Operations
Team working

The Process

Josh Kaye, VP of Operations for Frederick Wildman & Sons, found Dyci on LinkedIn. After reviewing her profile and capabilities, he sought to engage NGA. The internal team included finance, operations, accounting, logistics, customer service, IT and marketing to work in a transparent and connected way. The partnership began with an assessment with NGA reviewing systems ERP followed by taking on the role of project manager. Dyci and the team worked with Frederick Wildman & Sons to instill best practices on testing before go-live, sat with users to uncover feedback and started the process armed with real-time feedback. NGA also supported post-go live and stayed on to assist with additional tasks. Dyci and the NGA team made connections to align the technical aspects and process to allow for true and effective transformation.


Working with NGA yielded a number of benefits for Frederick Wildman & Sons, including a notable increase in data accuracy, with 25-35% more fields completed. The company was able to implement EDI and grow their compliance. They are able to hone their forecast accuracy of fill rates due to better data and following the implementation project, outsourced their IT to NGA to access broader, efficient support.

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