We are business and digital architecture advisors to companies seeking to scale their retail and direct-to-consumer operations through supply chain transformation.

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  • Process Optimization

Rethink Your Engineering Processes.

We support our clients through each evolving phase of supply chain digital transformation. Our supply chain architects provide process improvement recommendations and step-by-step guidance to move your organization from current to ideal state.

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  • Technology Implementation

Identify the Technology and Partners You Need.

We identify partners and resources that can deliver on your needs now and in the future. Our solution architects build your data and information sharing needs into their project map and manage people, documentation, training and budgeting to keep it all on track.

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  • People Empowerment

Empower Employees and Stakeholders.

Any cultural change hinges upon a company’s most valuable asset: its people. Bringing employees along the journey by re-skilling and up-skilling as needed can promote engagement and loyalty. We help companies manage change in a way that empowers employees while affirming a sense of ownership and growth.

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Diana Silva

Supply Chain Architect

Transform your supply chain with New Gen Architects.

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As a thought partner and facilitator, we set-up clients with a secure foundation and layer in ownership. Our team guides clients on technology tool selection, project management and transformation road mapping. We support scalable and efficient supply chain transformation, making us industry change-makers.

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