Supply Chain Optimization 

Rethink Your Supply Chain Engineering Processes.

Our supply chain optimization experts help businesses create strong, agile, and sustainable supply chains that minimize costs while meeting customer needs how and when they want. When you need to transform your supply chain operations, trust the company with proven experience maximizing supply chain performances. 

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In every facet and every way, New Gen Architects supports the re-engineering process. Our approach is designed to sustain improvements and realize expected ROI.


With this process underpinning every organization’s success, great detail must be paid to the setup of internal procedures and objectives. For this reason, our supply chain optimization experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current processes and resources to develop a strategy that achieves a fine balance between cost and production capabilities. We will ensure your newly implemented supply chain operations deliver the right products when and where customers want them.


While executing your new supply chain process improvement strategy, our team will guide your employees through the transition, empowering them to own the process so that your business can continue to see results well into the future. Throughout the process, your dedicated team will identify and recommend supply chain improvements to keep your enterprise agile and competitive.

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How We Optimize Your Supply Chain Network Design 

Attention and proactive planning are essential to improving strategic business processes.

Our supply chain optimization services help clients evolve with an eye on continued advancement and growth, offering a phased approach. Beginning with assessment and alignment, we support clients with defining, adopting, and evaluating processes that can best support and deliver on key business goals. Several supporting elements include benchmarking, pain point analysis, training, and knowledge transfer.


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The entire supply chain optimization process can be boiled down into three phases:

  1. Design: Supply chain network design optimization involves determining the ideal location for warehouse facilities and the process for products traveling between them. It is also during this phase that demand forecasting is performed, necessary supplies are determined, and manufacturing operations are planned and scheduled.
  2. Planning: During this phase, supply chain operations are solidified; specifically, a deployment plan is developed, inventory is planned for, and assets are coordinated. This stage of supply chain process re-engineering ensures goods, services, and information are delivered in an efficient manner.
  3. Execution: During this supply chain process optimization phase, our specialists help you plan for execution-based applications and systems, including warehouse and inventory management and transportation management. We will also ensure your supply chain network design optimization is a success by equipping you with tools that support real-time decisions, order management, and more.

If you’re interested in re-envisioning your processes, reach out to our team for customized supply chain solutions. We’ll ensure your supply chain process improvement recommendations enable your organization to deliver products at the lowest possible cost while reaping the benefits of high profit margins.


Supply Chain Done Right

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This is Supply Chain Transformation Done Right.℠

Often, organizations have disjointed and outdated protocols that create confusion and, even worse, can elevate risk. We re-engineer and reimagine processes that take into consideration all factors in order to produce a roadmap that best suits your target goals. No two organizations are alike, and we support clients in developing processes that not only make sense for their unique business but that also drive results.

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By utilizing our supply chain optimization consulting services, you could enjoy the following benefits:

  • A reduction in unnecessary costs from eliminating or automating repetitive or ineffective processes, reducing inventory, and optimizing delivery processes and logistics
  • An increase in revenues and profits as you will have access to data related to all activities and can see where processes need to be optimized
  • The ability to make quick informed decisions by having access to technology solutions that give you real-time data trends
  • Meeting customer needs with little notice since every aspect of the supply chain is streamlined
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Discover Your Ideal Supply Chain Improvements Today 

Customer expectations and pressures from competitors have many businesses reeling. If you want your enterprise to remain on top, it’s time to consider supply chain process optimization. Our process re-engineering services focus on everything from network optimization to inventory management to ensure you see the results you need to experience long-term success. In addition to our supply chain optimization consulting services, we offer support in finding the ideal supply chain software for your business and training each of your departments on the new systems. For more information about our optimization services or supply chain training, contact our specialists today!

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