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New Gen Architects understands the critical role technology plays in the supply chain transformation journey. We guide our clients through supply chain management software selection, implementation strategy creation, and solution architecture. 

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Technology in supply chain transformation touches everything.

Technology is a single part of the supply chain trifecta — alongside people and process — but it is a significant portion of the puzzle on which everything else relies. For this reason, it’s essential to choose your supply chain software with great care.


Unfortunately, this process is not as straightforward as it may first appear. In order to choose the right supply chain management system for your organization, you must evaluate it based on a number of factors, including its scalability, compatibility with your existing tech stack, analytics capabilities, and more. With so many factors to consider, finding the ideal procurement technology solutions for your business can be challenging.


Fortunately, we offer supply chain technology consulting services to simplify the selection process. We understand which features the supply chain management software must have to allow you to remain competitive in your industry. After helping you select the proper tools, such as S&OP software, our supply chain architects will guide you through creating an implementation strategy and forming a solution architecture.

Selecting the right supply chain software and vendors are paramount for supply chain optimization. That’s why we identify partners and resources that can meet specific client needs. From managing the search process to assisting with an RFP to providing targeted feedback, our goal is to secure useful and valuable insights for companies to make informed decisions. We’ll ensure your new supply chain management software enhances your operations, whether your pain points lie with supplier sourcing, inventory management, production planning, transportation, or demand planning.

Charting the course of implementation requires intention and organization — something our experts have experience managing. Once a client selects a tool and vendor, the next step is to have a strategic partner oversee the implementation. We offer supply chain management system implementation support to ensure the process runs without a hitch. We also provide guidance on project management, documentation, training, and budgeting using sales and operations planning software and other tools to keep teams on track.

Clients need to figure out a plan for integration following tool selection. Getting that right is critical in saving time, money, and frustration. The solution architecture portion of S&OP software and procurement technology implementation is vital in terms of creating a seamless integration. We drive the solution architecture by showing how we can integrate the new software into your existing tech stack. We also demonstrate how the technology’s data and information-sharing aspects can benefit your organization. For example, sales and operations planning software provides insight into past, present, and future performance while making it easy to collaborate across departments. Overall, we work to remove the stress and frustration of implementing new supply chain management software by operating the process and serving as a resource and thought partner.

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Technology helps to optimize supply chain transformation and operations by establishing a framework that unites various departments.


When organizations run into issues, and something technical doesn’t run smoothly, there is a need to examine not only the technology itself but also the implementation process. Adopting new supply chain management software means considering current resources and necessary training to fully realize the expected ROI. In the words of Steve Jobs, “Technology alone is never enough.” To ensure the seamless implementation of your selected technology, your dedicated team will offer supply chain training to the various departments in your organization. Through continual training, your employees will feel comfortable using the new tools and empowered to streamline their processes.



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The Benefits of Procurement Technology 

An organization’s procurement strategy could be key in differentiating its offerings from the competition. In order for this to happen, the company must adopt the best procurement technology solutions available. Fortunately, our supply chain architects have intimate knowledge of the best tools in various industries and can help you select ones that reduce your costs, improve product development speed, and heighten quality assurance. With the right procurement platform, you will have access to real-time data and be able to identify savings opportunities.

Technology for Optimizing Supply Chain Sustainability 

Consumers (and, thereby, businesses) are increasingly concerned about the impact their products have on the environment and people. However, it’s not enough to say you desire to make your supply chain more sustainable; you must take steps to make this happen. To help you streamline the process of supply chain sustainability, our experts will recommend tools that allow you to oversee and manage energy usage, water consumption, waste production, and more.

Streamline Your Processes With Supply Chain Software 

We know that adopting new technology is a big move. Our industry experience and knowledge make us well-positioned to identify the best tools, strategy, and integration plan for every organization based on their unique needs. For more information about our supply chain management software solutions, reach out to our experts today.

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Customer expectations and pressures from competitors have many businesses reeling. If you want your enterprise to remain on top, it’s time to consider supply chain process optimization. Our process re-engineering services focus on everything from network optimization to inventory management to ensure you see the results you need to experience long-term success. In addition to our supply chain optimization consulting services, we offer support in finding the ideal supply chain software for your business and training each of your departments on the new systems. For more information about our optimization services or supply chain training, contact our specialists today!

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