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New Gen Architects understands the critical role technology plays in the supply chain transformation journey. We guide our clients on tool selection, implementation strategy and solution architecture.

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Technology in supply chain transformation touches everything.

As part of the supply chain trifecta–alongside people and process–technology too must be vetted with great care. We guide our clients on tool selection, implementation strategy and solution architecture.

Selecting the right tools and vendors is paramount for supply chain transformation. We identify partners and resources that can deliver on specific client needs. From managing the search process to assisting with an RFP to providing targeted feedback, our goal is to secure useful and valuable insights for companies to make informed decisions.
Charting the course of implementation requires intention and organization–something our subject matter experts have experience managing. Once a client selects a tool and vendor, the next step is to have a strategic partner oversee the implementation. We offer implementation support to project management, documentation, training, and budgeting to keep teams on track.
Clients need to figure out a plan for integration into the system set-up following tool selection. Getting that right is critical in saving time, budget, and frustration. The solution architecture portion is vital in terms of creating a seamless integration. We drive the solution architecture by answering how and solving data and information sharing aspects. We work to remove the stress and frustration, operating the process and serving as a resource and thought partner.
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Technology helps to optimize supply chain transformation and operations by establishing a framework that unites various departments.

When organizations run into issues and something technical doesn’t run smoothly, there is a need to not only examine the technology itself but also the implementation process. Adopting new technology also means considering current resources and needed training to fully realize expected ROI. In the words of Steve Jobs, “Technology alone is never enough.”



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We know that adopting new technology is a big move. Our industry experience and knowledge make us well-positioned to identify the best tools, strategy and integration plan for every organization based on their unique needs.

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As a thought partner and facilitator, we set-up clients with a secure foundation and layer in ownership. Our team guides clients on technology tool selection, project management and transformation road mapping. We support scalable and efficient supply chain transformation, making us industry change-makers.

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